Strategic Planning

IT Strategic Planning

Budget Projections

Quarterly projections over a three year period:

  • Technology equipment stated in present value dollars
  • New technology equipment and upgrades stated in present value dollars
  • Software and licenses stated in present value dollars
  • Total full-time equivalent IT support hours
  • New software and upgrades stated in present value dollars
  • Ongoing maintenance support hours
  • New project support hours estimated by project

Technology Assessment

During assessment, the client’s technology is compared with their business goals. An evaluation is made on what new technology is needed to ensure success with the client’s strategic business plans. OTC team, with both business and technical expertise, identify where technology shortfalls exist and recommends appropriate action.

Risk Management

The larger a network is, the more possible failure points it has with a greater chance of catastrophic system breakdown. Oasis Technology minimizes technology risks by planning for disaster.

Failure points are identified and the ones that are controllable are eliminated by these tasks:

  • Develop organizational security policies
  • Create disaster recovery plans
  • Prepare capacity plans for system resource utilization
  • Develop end-user usage policies
  • Plan software and hardware upgrades and updates
  • Procure technology products from the list of approved vendors
  • Review IT performance measures for system improvements

IT Performance Planning

The plan tracks established performance measures on a quarterly basis to ensure that the IT investment is contributing at the rate expected. Recommendations for improvements are made in areas where performance has fallen to a marginal or sub-par level.

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