Planning Your Technology Needs

Business Process Improvement


IT Strategic Planning

There are many IT service providers in the market today. Some offer a specific service, while others provide a mix of services and but few manage a full set of IT services. Oasis Technology, on the other hand, offers a full set of Development and Support services as well as Technology Planning.

Oasis Technology will work with you to develop a comprehensive business improvement plan to maximize the strengths of your business and install a 'best of breed' set of tools to enable your team to operate effectively.

We manage the technology needs so that clients can focus on their core business processes.

OTC emphasizes the following approach:

  • Plan technology strategies for a three-year period
  • Develop solutions for improving the business process
  • Proactively maintain systems maximize the business process
  • Become the primary source for resolving all technology issues
  • Communicate with the client in a non-intimidating way
  • Reduce needs for end user support and lower overall costs
  • Centralize the procurement of technology products

We approach development as an iterative improvement process using following:

1. Meet with Client

  • Discuss specific needs with the client
  • Explain the Oasis Technology’s approach

2. Formulate a Service Agreement

  • Sign a contract for IT services

3. Examine the current Technology State

  • Review physical work locations
  • Analyze existing equipment
  • Introduce ourselves to staff

4. Plan

  • Review system requests
  • Organize tasks to be accomplished

5. Execute

  • Review technology plan with staff
  • Work with assigned team members

6. Integrate

  • Communicate with client regularly
  • Resolve user technology issues in a timely manner
  • Implement business process improvements

7. Maintain

  • Monitor Business Process/Network


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