Computer Repair/Maintenance

Computer Repair/Maintenance

Desktop Installation

  • Create standard configurations for desktop hardware and software
  • Install a new desktop or laptop workstation with any or all of these internal components: hard drives, CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, ZIP drives, floppy disk drives, memory, audio cards, video cards, modems, video capture cards
  • Install external components, such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor and speakers
  • Install peripherals such as personal printers and scanners
  • Install hardware drivers
  • Install standard software configurations, including anti-virus software and office productivity suites
  • Install additional software as required, such as financial software, graphic design software, and web development software
  • Resolve any software and hardware conflicts

Computer Repair

  • Track equipment warranty information
  • Perform cost analysis of Computer Repair vs. Replacement
  • Order replacement parts
  • Repair/replace defective hardware, software and peripherals
  • Dispose of obsolete or broken equipment

Computer Maintenance

  • Deploy applications and operating systems centrally
  • Apply service packs and security patches
  • Manage installed applications centrally
  • Reinstall operating system
  • Perform disk defragmentation
  • Perform routine disk clean-ups and scan disk drives for errors
  • Remove unnecessary software programs
  • Perform scheduled cleaning of printers

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